Preparation of AERMOD input meteorological data package

From the beginning of the formation of the concept and knowledge of computer modeling until now, the modeling of weather systems has always been the focus of many experts in this field and meteorological scientists. The chaotic nature of these systems and the complexity of the physical equations governing the atmosphere have made computer modeling in this field very important.

Modeling as the most important tool for calculating the concentration of pollutants and their spread and distribution in the environment has been approved by international organizations including the country’s environmental protection organization, and without this tool, there is practically no correct understanding of the amount of air pollutants and their spread and distribution. And we will not have the amount of damage caused by industrial units to the environment.

AERMOD modeling is used to calculate the concentration of pollutants produced and the distribution of pollutants in industrial units. The main modeling inputs are:

  1. Data related to the topography of the desired area (using the AERMAP preprocessor)
  2. Meteorological data related to the industrial unit (using AERMET preprocessor)
  3. Geometric, process and emission characteristics of industrial unit chimneys

Companies, researchers and students need hourly meteorological data for modeling using AERMOD software and then processing them with the AERMET processor. For this purpose, by providing the WeaDaLys web platform, Arin Setakandish Consulting Engineers Company has provided users with the possibility of ordering and receiving meteorological data in the form of files suitable for the input format of the AERMOD model. The data of this platform has the following features and advantages that distinguish it from all data presentation platforms in the country:

  • The data is provided to users on an hourly basis as well as directly according to the input of the AERMOD model and the output of the AERMET preprocessor, and the user does not need to convert the meteorological data into hourly data and also run the AERMET preprocessor.
  • Receiving direct AERMOD model input data from this platform brings less financial and time cost for users compared to buying meteorological data and completing and converting it to hourly data, and then modeling with AERMET preprocessor and preparing AERMOD model input.
  • Due to the fact that there are very few high atmospheric stations in our country and due to the importance of these data in modeling, users are always faced with the lack of these data. If the input data of the AERMOD model provided by this platform is provided at the desired point of the user, including the above atmospheric data.
  • There is no missing data that reduces the accuracy of modeling in the data presented in this platform.
  • It is possible for users to request data for any desired point and geographic coordinates in the entire country. Therefore, users can perform modeling for any desired point by having meteorological data available at the same point.