1Environmental consulting services based on ISO 14001National Company Refining and distribution of Iranian oil productsCountry levelEnvironmental management-waste-water and sewage-development mechanism2009-Completed
2Environmental Impact Assessment of the Used Oil RecoveryHormozgan Novin Oil Refinery CompanyBandar AbbasEnvironment Impact Assessment2009-Completed
3Waste Management Planning System of Charmshahr Industrial StateTehran Industrial State CompanyCharmshahrwaste management2010-Completed
4Environmental Impact Assessment of the Propylene Production Unit of Propane Gas Salman Farsi Petrochemical CompanyMahshahrEnvironment Impact Assessment2010-Completed
5Development of Environmental Requirements for HSE Management SystemNational Petrochemical CompanyTehranHSE-MS2011-Completed
6Environmental Impact Assessment of vinyl acetate monomerNovin Petrochemical CompanyMahshahrEnvironment Impact Assessment2011-Completed
7Environmental Impact Assessment of the PersianShell Company Development Plan Persian Shell CompanyMahshahrEnvironment Impact Assessment2011-Completed
8Environmental Impact AssessmentGenaveh Dashtestan Petrochemical CompanyGenavehEnvironment Impact Assessment2013-uncompleted
9Development of Environmental Impact Assessment guidelines for petrochemical unitsNational Petrochemical CompanyTehranEnvironment Impact Assessment in projects life cycle2012-completed
10Environmental Impact AssessmentDerakhshan Shimi CompanyMahshahrEnvironment Impact Assessment2012-completed
11Development and Completing Plan for the Rules, Permits and Environmental Crimes in Petrochemical Special Economic Zones (4th site)Special Economic Zone Organization PetrochemicalPetrochemical Special Economic Zone OrganizationEMP2011-Completed
12Feasibility studies for the establishment of waste recycling stationsTehran Industrial State Companyindustrial Parkswaste management2012-completed
13Designing of soil environmental management system in petrochemical industryNational Petrochemical CompanyTehranSoil pollution management2013-completed
14Preparation of Environmental Management Program Report (EMP) based on the guidelines of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks OrgZagros and Golbarg Industrial parkTehranEnvironmental management plan2013-completed
15Review of Environmental Impact Assessment of Genaveh DashtestanGenaveh Dashtestan Petrochemical CompanyGenavehEnvironment Impact Assessment2014-completed
16Assessment of reuse of sludge produced in wastewater treatment plant in Abbasabad industrial stateTehran Industrial State CompanyTehranWastewater treatment2013-completed
17Environmental Impact Assessment of the Asaluyeh-to-Chabahar pipeline EthaneNESCONESCOEnvironment Impact Assessment2013-completed
18Designing of wastewater treatment plant of Kimia Sanat Dalahoo Petrochemical Company (Phase 1st )NESCOTehranWastewater treatment2013-completed
19Assessment of the sanitary treatment system and providing the solutions to optimize the existing system and wastewater treatment and providing a strategic planKermanshah Petrochemical CompanyKermanshahWastewater treatment2014-completed
20Providing solutions for replacement of defective equipment and pre start-up of sanitary treatment plant packagesKermanshah Petrochemical CompanyKermanshahWastewater treatment2014-completed
21Environmental Impact Assessment of kian petrochemical companyKian Petrochemical CompanyAsaluyehEnvironment Impact Assessment2015-completed
22Environmental Flow Diagram Based on PFD and P&IDGhadeer Petrochemical CompanyMahshahrEnvironmental Flow Diagram2016-completed
23Measuring and monitoring of environmental parameters in Sina Chemical industriesMokran Petro Omran Company.ChabaharPollution Measurements2017-completed
24Modeling of Cumulative Air Pollution in Sina Chemical industriesMokran Petro Omran Company.ChabaharAir pollution Modeling2018-completed
25Modeling of Cumulative Air Pollution in Badr Shargh Petrochemical siteMokran Petro Omran Company.ChabaharAir pollution Modeling2018-completed
26Measuring and monitoring of environmental parameters in Badr Shargh petrochemical siteMokran Petro Omran Company.ChabaharPollution Measurements2018-completed
27SIL, HAZOP & HAZID studies of pipelines and methanol intermediate tanks of Mokran warehouses and terminalsMokran Petro Omran Company.ChabaharHSE2019-completed
28Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) of pipeline, product transfer of Mokran warehouses and terminalsMokran Petro Omran Company.ChabaharRisk Assessment2019-completed
29Consulting services and approval of Environmental Impact Assessment reports of methanol, olefin and polyolefin project of Sina Chemical industriesMokran Petro Omran Company.ChabaharEnvironment Impact Assessment2020-completed
30Consulting services and approval of Environmental Impact Assessment reports of methanol project of Badr Shargh Petrochemical Site Mokran Petro Omran Company.ChabaharEnvironment Impact Assessment2020-completed
31Quantitative and qualitative identification of recycling and disposal of hazardous household waste in MashhadMashhad MunicipalityMashhadWaste2021-completed
32Environmental Impact Assessment of maleic anhydride (Phase 1)Ibne Sina Petrochemical CompanyMahshahrEnvironment Impact Assessment2021-completed
33Environmental Impact Assessment of hazardous waste landfillBehsazan asia CoCountry levelEMP-PROCESS2021-completed
34Environmental assessment of special and industrial waste disposal site in Isfahan provinceBehsazan asia CoIsfahanEnvironment Impact Assessment2021-completed
35Environmental Impact Assessment of Combined Cycle Power PlantMobarakeh SteelIsfahanEnvironment Impact Assessment2021-completed
36Environmental Impact Assessment of shrimp farmingIran Fisheries OrganizationBehshahrEnvironment Impact AssessmentIn Progress
37Environmental Management and Mitigation Program in oil refinery isfahanIsfahan Oil RefineryIsfahanEMP-PROCESS2021-completed
38 Measurable, Reportable & Verifiable in power plant industry and software Design Amirkabir University of TechnologyCountry levelMRV2021-completed
39Studying energy consumption optimization methods and providing energy supply solutions using renewable energies in selected Imid units.ImidroCountry levelEnergy AuditIn Progress
40Environmental Impact Assessment of maleic anhydride (Phase 2)Ibne Sina Petrochemical CompanyMahshahrEnvironment Impact AssessmentIn Progress
41Monitoring and preparation of pollutant reduction program in leather and tannery industrial sectorTarbiat Modares UniversityCountry levelEMP-PROCESSIn Progress
42Monitoring and preparation of pollutant reduction program in the power plant industryK. N. Toosi University of Technology UniversityCountry levelEMP-PROCESSIn Progress
43Monitoring and preparation of pollutant reduction program in the chemical industryTehran UniversityCountry levelEMP-PROCESSIn Progress
44Identifying Loadable industries Lamerd Industrial zoneK. N. Toosi University of Technology UniversityLamerdFS-EMP-PROCESSIn Progress
45Feasibility and conceptual design of the maximum recovery of the produced brain flow of the reverse osmosis unit using the multi-stage distillation unit (MED) of Persian Gulf EnergyTehran UniversityAsaluyehWastewater treatmentIn Progress
46Optimizing energy consumption in the buildings of Afogh Korosh GroupOfoq Kourosh Chain StoreTehranEnergy AuditIn Progress
47Determining the contribution of sulfate, nitrate, and ammonium secondary pollutants from five selected power plant points using correlation of WRF and CMAQ models.K. N. Toosi University of Technology UniversityCountry levelAir pollution ModelingIn Progress
48Investigating the control and designing solutions for vapor recovery of methanol storage tanks (VRU) and their technical and environmental analysisMokran Petro Omran CompanyChabaharPROCESSIn Progress
49Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment and air pollution modeling of HDPE/LLDPE unitEhda PolymerMahshahrQRA- Air pollution ModelingIn Progress
50Conducting studies and providing environmental assessment report of methanol unitbakhtar GroupChabaharEnvironment Impact AssessmentIn Progress
51Design and supervision of refinery units of Behnoush Central Company, Star and Dogh Abali unit of IranBehnoush Iran HoldingKaraj-Abali-TehranWastewater treatmentIn Progress
52Evaluating the environmental effects of the plan to build a colored sheet line for household appliances with a capacity of 120,000 tons per year.Mobarakeh SteelIsfahanEnvironment Impact AssessmentIn Progress
53Environmental assessment for the construction of a continuous tandem acid washing lineMobarakeh SteelIsfahanEnvironment Impact AssessmentIn Progress
54Environmental assessment of the largest solar power plant in the Middle EastMobarakeh SteelIsfahanEnvironment Impact AssessmentIn Progress

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