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OGT-ECH was established in 2011 in Aix-en-Provence, France, to serve customers of the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Power industries (Total, Petro Ineos, Lyondel Basel, Kem one, Elengy…) .

Gas Viewer first specialized in portable Infrared cameras for Gas detection (OGI cameras), then the company expanded their range of product with fixed OGI cameras showing the gas cloud and its flow rate in real time. And later with flames detection and hot spot monitoring, as well as Flare monitoring. Today the company can supply gas leaks/flames monitoring full turnkey solutions including the cameras, of course, as well as wireless video transmission (optional), and the hardware + software to be installed in the control room in order to control the system.


1. Gas Viewer:

OGI portable and fixed gas detection cameras.

2. Flame Viewer:

Flames detection and hot spots monitoring.

3. Oil Viewer:

Oil spill detection on water.

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